One fact at a time, one seed at a time…

About #ShareHemp​

#ShareHemp is a call to action for all hemp advocates to join the grassroots movement and challenge themselves to #ShareHemp, one fact at a time, one person at a time, and even one seed at a time. The Share Hemp Foundation, a start-up nonprofit, was founded by a small team of 3 women hemp advocates in St. Louis, MO , to advance and fund the efforts of the #ShareHemp movement. ​

Our Vision: To #ShareHemp with the World!​

The vision of The Share Hemp Foundation is a world where the philanthropy efforts of the American Hemp Industry are united to maximize donations of hemp nutrition and hemp extracts to charitable organizations who serve communities in need; including but not limited to neurodegenerative disease organizations, crisis centers, food pantries and animal shelters. ​

Our Mission: To #ShareHemp by creating awareness about the benefits of hemp extracts for those who are suffering and have no voice. ​

Specifically, the elderly, children and animals; our most defenseless populations without the means to research, the voice to request, or the ability to access alternative therapies that could enhance their quality of life.