#ShareHemp is a call to action!

Do you want to make this world a better place but don’t know where to start?? ​

What if we told you to just #ShareHemp, one fact at a time and one person at a time, in order to participate in a collective effort to move our world forward into a compassionate and sustainable society.

What does it mean to #ShareHemp?​

When it comes to starting conversations about hemp we suggest starting with sharing one historical fact or property about the hemp plant that inspires you the most!! But if you don’t have one fact that you are personally passionate about, feel free to start with our favorite fact at The Share Hemp Foundation; a fact that inspired us to start a nonprofit and fuels our mission.

How to start a conversation to #ShareHemp?​

At The Share Hemp Foundation we had to ask ourselves the very same question, what does it mean to share hemp and how will we share hemp because the ways and reasons to #ShareHemp are vast and each one of them a worthy cause. #ShareHemp is a call to action and personal challenge to all hemp advocates to #ShareHemp one fact at a time,  one story at a time, one new project at a time and one seed at a time! At The Share Hemp Foundation, we are here to encourage you and offer starting points on how to break the ice with your parents, your grandparents, your friends or even strangers in order to start an inspiring conversation that could change someone’s life and help protect our planet! 

 #ShareHemp one Fact at a Time

The U.S. government owns a patent for CBD, a molecule derived from hemp, to be used as a neuroprotectant! Don’t believe us!!?? Click on the button here to see the official USPTO record.